Hair Removal

Hair removal at malcolmtinaBarker spa, Poole

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We offer permanent and long-lasting hair removal using waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal at our dedicated beauty rooms at malcolmtinaBarker in Poole.  Come and talk to professional beauty therapist Samantha Tarr about your hair removal needs so she can help you achieve soft, smooth hair-free skin!

Waxing Hair Removal at malcolmtinaBarker

leg waxing at malcolm tina barker in pooleWe are experts at leg, arm and underarm waxing plus bikini and intimate waxing using a warm honey wax. This waxing method is gentle on the skin and will protect against impurities, dry skin and other everyday problem skin.

Waxing removes large sections of hair directly from the root, guaranteeing a smooth and clean finish every time.  Most people see regrowth within four to six weeks and your hair will become finer and weaker with regular treatments.

We also stock a full range of TEATREE aftercare products that are especially good for in-growing hair problems.

Please note:  Hair must be long enough to wax (usually at least three weeks’ growth) and we would recommend that you have your waxing carried out every four to six weeks.  Our beauty therapist is highly experienced in hair removal so will keep any discomfort to a minimum.

Electrolysis at malcolmtinaBarker in Poole

hair removal, malcolm tina barker beauty, pooleElectrolysis is a safe treatment of permanently removing unwanted hair.  Using a fine sterile needle, each individual hair is treated by applying an electrical current.  This method of hair removal has proven to be very effective with outstanding results.  Over a period of time hairs become finer and weaker, eventually stopping growing altogether.

Electrolysis can be used for all skin types and all hair colours, with no sun tanning restrictions.  You may experience slight reddening of the skin for a short period directly after each treatment.

A full consultation is given free of charge.

Laser Hair Removal – malcolmtinaBarker health & beauty, Poole

PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL, MALCOLMTINABARKER, POOLESpa Touch Light Heat Energy (LHE) is a safe and effective method of permanently removing unwanted hair on the face and body. It sends out a very low and ultra safe wave of light which generates heat and is drawn to the hair follicle.  The hair shaft then absorbs the heat and transfers it down to the hair bulb which greatly inhibits hair re-growth. This is also an excellent treatment for in growing hair problems.

With great results Spa Touch is safe with no harmful side effects
Gentle on the skin with no harmful chemicals or messy gels for caressing smooth and silky skin.